John R. Meese - HeadshotChances are that you’ve seen problems in the world you would like to change.

The only problem is, the demands on your time are endless, and it’s tough to stay focused or find direction to make the most of your time.

My goal is to help you develop crystal clear clarity about your direction and efforts so you can maximize your productivity and impact.

This is my personal Liberty.me publishing site, where I write on all subjects related to productivity, liberty, and changing the world.

My Bio

I am founding member of Liberty.me, a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation, and a co-founder of the Nashville Bitcoin Meetup. I live in Murfreesboro, TN with my wife, Rachel, where we live awesome, productive lives.

In addition to my articles here, I write on self-leadership, productivity, and social influence at johnrmeese.com. I’ve also written a number of articles on Bitcoin.

My Contact Information

The best ways to contact me are via Email or Twitter. You can check out my contact page for more options.